Terms & Conditions

Like any business, we have some terms & conditions that make things go more smoothly and help alleviate confusion in some situations. Please read thorough the following information and get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Possessive and Territorial Dogs

NWP will not accept furmily members who are possessive or territorial. This type of behavior may be dangerous. Many dogs that show territorial responses are often fearful and anxious and just want the intruder to leave. For safety reasons we do not force pets to do anything they do not want to do. For our safety and theirs. We highly encourage those with territorial pets, who wish to have a pet sitter in the future to seek dog training prior hiring a pet sitter.

INITIAL Meet & Greet consultation:

A NWP pet care professional will arrange this meeting with you before services begin. at this visit, we can answer questions, deliver your  if you so choose to use one lockbox, and discuss detailed instructions on how to care for your pets. to help ensure availability please plan minimum 1-week advance notice to schedule new services. please reserve 20-30min for your initial in-home consultation. 

The initial interview is complimentary
• Follow up meet and greets for new and/or visiting pets must be booked through the portal – cost $20


Starting in January of 2020, we will offer clients the ability to leave their  keys on property safely stored in a lockbox. We will deliver your lockbox during the meet and greet or before visits begin. If you choose this option – the lockbox is yours to keep may be coded at your discretion.

  •  $15 per lockbox

Key pick up & drop off:

Should you choose to not use a lockbox or not be able to utilize one due to building policies, please provide us with two ways to enter the premises.

Upon your request, sitters can pick up and drop back your keys.

  • key pick-up/drop-off $10 per trip


  • Same-day service (if available)

Our schedules are made weekly/monthly so that our walkers may also plan their personal lives. However, we do understand emergencies happen.

$5 additional charge may be added for visits with less than 24hr. notice provided we have the availability – pet parent is notified prior charge 

Administering medication:

  • insulin injections – no charge given only to animals who allow us to give it to them safely and without force
  • other medication – no charge provided pet allows us to give it to them safely and without force