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| Nanda's Walking Paws

Are your pet(s) a good fit for NWP services?

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions when it comes to accepting new furmily members. We pride ourselves in having a very elite group of pets in our care.

Acceptable behavior by some, may not be acceptable by all

– Not every pet may be a good fit

we may refuse service to any person for any reason at any time under federal law

*Nanda’s Walking Paws may discontinue service at any time if pet behavior becomes a problem


Below are some examples of what we will not accept at Nanda's Walking Paws

We prioritize safety, ours as well as your pets 

ALL PETS MUST BE UP TO DATE ON VACCINATIONS – we will ask to see records during the meet & greet, please have it ready 

Any pet with a bite history will not be accepted

Our dog walker(s) must feel safe at all times, therefore we do not tolerate certain behaviors

No Leash = No Walk

– all dogs are walked on a leash as per Hillsborough County ordinance

– dogs are allowed OFF leash in fully enclosed spaces were we can have direct control

Prior to booking a complimentary Meet & Greet, Nanda will send a questionnaire to be completed and returned

Territorial Issues

 pet(s) must allow pet sitter to enter residence with 0 issues – we do not meet dogs outside

 pet(s) must not be possessive of toys, treats, food, people (children included), other pets in the house or anything else  that may cause them to attack or hurt someone 

fence fighting is a no-no




we have a 0 tolerance for food guarding and/or aggression and will not accept any pet(s) that do not allow our pet sitters to be around them while eating and/or touch them or their food

crate aggression is a no-no – if your dog requires crating, our pet sitters MUST be able to get them in and out of the crates without fear

we will also not accept fear aggression or any type of aggressive behavior, including aroused dogs who may redirect their aggression towards the handler

Highly reactive

a reactive dog becomes overly aroused by certain stimuli which may cause the dog walker to lose of control over the dog, causing a dangerous situation

examples of reactive behavior we do not welcome: leash reactivity such as: lunging at humans and or other pet(s) during walks, snaps or growls when approached or scared…

leash reactivity may be redirected towards the walker as aggression, please make sure your dog(s) are able to be walked by others besides yourself

we do not offer walks for dogs with a high prey drive, that behavior may pull walker to the ground therefore causing an unsafe situation